Website Redesign Complete – – Launch News Release


Website Redesign Work Overview

Vital Webmaster, LLC is pleased to announce the release of our new website, designed with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation, updated with the latest information about our products and services.

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The updated services pages contain information about existing and new services. You can now find elaborated info about the Vital Webmaster, LLC

You will be able read our news, articles, and comment about services. Also you can watch the related videos and read the most updated news.

One of our main goals was to build a user-friendly and simple to navigate site. The new design allows the users to quickly find the contents thanks to its low hierarchical structure. One of our main goals we wanted to achieve when designing the new site was to help our clients and candidates get to know us better and get a feel for who we are as a company. We are now using a responsive design, which means that you’ll see essentially the same design optimized for your smart phone, tablet and desktop.

We encourage you to visit and explore the site so we can introduce you to our full suite of human capital solutions. For the first time we have a single website that reflects The Ingen Group as a whole and every service line represented into an easily digestible and navigable site.

Our new website, aside from being aesthetically pleasing, is more agile, interactive, and is easier to scan, read and navigate, enabling clients and candidates just like you, to find what they need quickly. Just as importantly, our key messages and value propositions are evident and clear.

As you review and use this revitalized website, you will find that it is redesigned to help us fulfill that mission. Please note that we added an important new feature – a members only portal – that provides Vital Webmaster members with access to:

  • an online community of members
  • facilitated interaction amongst members – discussion of postings, current topics, questions and concerns
  • regular postings of new resources – promising practices, current research, and professional development opportunities
  • schedule of free consultations

The Vital Webmaster, LLC website will be updated regularly with blog posts, member profiles, current topics in the member online community, special announcements and other vital news.

We hope that you will enjoy browsing our new site, finding more options and information each time, and that it will be yet another tool for strengthening our business relations.

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