If you have gotten your slow cooker that hasn’t been used for awhile, it is time to start using it, because it is not only healthy to eat the food that you cook in it, but also, believe me or not, it is less time consuming. So, to get you started with some yummy receipies cooked in the slow cooker, I created a healthy chicken-mushroom stew.

Preparation may take maximum of 30 mintues, but slow cooking takes about 4-5 hours. When planning to cook this stew, you may want to preapre all of the ingridients at night and leave it to cook for 5 hour over night, so in the morning you can pack your first healthy chicken stew for lunch. Give it a try and let me know how it went.

2.5lbs of healthy 100% natural chicken breasts
1.5lbs Fingerlings Mini potatoes
2 onions
2 green peppers
1 box of farm fresh mushrooms
6oz broccoli (half bag)
8oz mini carrots (half bag)
4 tomatoes
2.5oz zpinach (1/4 of a bag)
8oz 100% natural Hunts Tomato Souce
spices (salt, pepper, etc)

100% Natural Chicken with Spics First, spray the bottom of the slow cooker with healthy oil. You can use olive oil if you wish.

Get chicken ready. Usually one 2.5lbs box of healthy chicken (100% natural) is enough.

Then cut chicken and lay down at the bottom of the cooker.

Get your favorite spices and spread them generously over the chicken. Dont be afraid to put as much as you can, since the taste of the chicken will be determined by how much spices you put on the chicken initially.

Set your timer to 5 hours on high. This is because it takes about 3 minutes for the slow cooker to warm up and then when it is ready it takes time for it to actually start to cook. I would do everything at night.

So, before you go to bed, prepare everything for the slow cooker, put it in the cooker and go to sleep. In the morning you will have ready meal.

 Slow Cooker set to 5 Hours
 Mini Potatoes I love those tiny colorful potatoes. They are not just yummy but also healthy. One bag should be enough. You can get them at Walmart. You cut them on half.
Wash and start cutting your favorite vegetables.  Vegetables
Slow Cooker Chicken Potatoes Carrots Add potatoes on top of chicken, then mini carrots. If you didnt buy mini carrots, you can use regular carrots. Cut them up in circles and add them on top of potatoes.
Cut two onions and place them on top of carrots Onions
Green Bell Peppers Cut green peppers and lay them over onions.


Lay broccoli on top of green peppers. Broccoli
Mushrooms My favorite mushrooms. If they are small enough, I usually put whole mushrooms.
Cut tomatoes and add them on top of mushrooms Tomatoes
Spinach First I add tomato sauce and then lay spinach leaves and cover with the lid.
Small can of tomato sauce should be enough. Tomato Souce
Cooking Stew for 5 hours Cover with the lid and let it cook until it is finished
Before serving your dinner or lunch, steer everything together. As you’ve noticed, there are a lot of juices from all the ingridients. This is one of my favorite healthy meals. Finished Cooked Stew
Eat Healthy Cooked Chicken Stew Scoop it and eat it.
Whatever is left, if you didnt share with anyone else in your household, then pack them in small lunch containers.

You have the whole week of lunches supply from this meal. Yummmm….

Stew in Lunch Containers
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