Many of you have asked me in the past to let you know what I do in order to keep myself in shape. One of the biggest things I do is cook healthy meals for myself. I try to avoid as many carbs as possible and enhance my meals with proteins.

So here is my typical dinner I usually eat after my workouts. I eat it with mushrooms as well. But for this recipe I excluded mushrooms.

Ingredients (2 servings):

Ingridients Calories Fat (g) Carbs (g) Protein (g)
Organic Baby Spinach 1cup 7 0.12 1.09 0.86
Crystal Farms All Whites 100% Liquid Egg Whites 6tbsp 50 0 0 10
Cooked egg whites 2 large 34 0.11 0.48 7.17
Raley’s Black Forest Ham 2 slices (6oz) 160 3 2 34
Olive Oil 1tbsp 120 7 0 0
Roma Tomatoes 2pcs 70 2 4 2
Mushrooms 4pcs 77 4.41 8.31 3.38
Total 638 23.64 15.88 57.41


b2ap3_thumbnail_20140131_190803.jpgThese are the main ingridients that you need to get for your yummy dinner: ham, eggs, egg whites, spinach, mushrooms and tomatoesTruth about chia

b2ap3_thumbnail_20140131_191042.jpgI started buying regular tomatoes since they are mo juicy. I eat the tomatoes with my meal instead of ketchup. Tomoatoes are a good source of minerals. Chocolate-Peanut-Butter/product

b2ap3_thumbnail_20140131_190920.jpgI buy smoked ham from Costco. There are so many benefits in ham alone. Besides it being very nutricious, it is also very tasty

b2ap3_thumbnail_20140131_190823.jpgI get organic eggs from costco. There are a few reasons why you want to consider buying natural eggs vs the ones that come from the hens that are fed with all sort of things that you may not want to have in your body.
b2ap3_thumbnail_20140131_191119.jpgAdd approximately 2 tbsp of olive oil. Let it warm up before you put anying in it.
b2ap3_thumbnail_20140131_191027.jpgCut about two slices of ham. If you are cooking just for yourself, then one slice should be plenty. 3 oz of smoked ham that I buy from costco has 17g of protein.

b2ap3_thumbnail_20140131_191419.jpgLay down two slices of ham into the frying pan. At this time I also add my mushrooms in the areas where ham is not placed.

b2ap3_thumbnail_20140131_191442.jpgI separate about 2 egg whites from eggs and pour them into the frying pan when ham is already fried on one side and I turned it over. If you dont know how to separate egg whites, just fry the whole egg and then separate egg yolk in your plate. BTW, yolk is good for you. It helps to digest the proteins. Its best if the yolk is undercooked (raw slightly) if you decide to eat it.

b2ap3_thumbnail_20140131_191626.jpgI use organic spinach from Costco. I never measure how much spinach I add to my meal. But I try to cover the entire pan with spinach.

b2ap3 thumbnail 20140131 191646Once egg whites start becoming white and your mushrooms become juicy, then cover everything in your pan with the spinach. I try to not overcook the spinach and keep it a little raw to keep all the nutriens in tact.

b2ap3 thumbnail 20140131 191655Cover your pan with the lid and let it simmer a little longer until you see spinach starts settling down.

b2ap3 thumbnail 20140131 192114You get a wonderful 15oz meal on a plate, full of proteins and nutrition. It tastes yummy. Again, for this recipe I didnt use mushrooms. But they are so delicious and I use them with every meal.

b2ap3 thumbnail 20140131 192327Nicely split your meal in half and eat only just enough to keep your stomach craving for more. It is always best to feel a little hungry than too full, cause you will be making yourself and your body a fool if you feel too full. LOL.

Please, read, try, taste, and let me know how this recipe came out for you and whether you would do it again. Enjoy your meal!
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